Nøgen dating tantra sex århus

Nøgen Dating Tantra Sex Århus

Nøgen dating tantra sex århus

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Bedre held og afslappende eftermiddag med.

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First, clear the room of any attention-grabbing clutter. Next, decorate with flowers, candles and cozy fabrics. Scent is really important to our sensuality , so try natural oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible with soft sheets and a number of pillows. Lastly, chose a soundtrack of music that you both like.

Play it softly in the background to enhance your mood. Harmonizing your breath is one of the easiest ways to sync with your partner. As you exhale, consciously attempt to energize the breath. Move toward this idea as an intention rather than a rule and be amazed as the collection of glimpses that will reshape how you think about your partner and yourself.

It is not easy to be seen, even by the people we love. Truly witnessing the act of love is profoundly transformative. Sorry guys, foreplay is essential in Tantra. The longer you linger in this process of building energy, the longer your session will last and the more energy you will build. Use this time to fully focus on each other. As in meditation, when your thoughts wander, gently guide your attention back to your partner and the magic of the moment at hand.

And one last thing? Repeat after us — it's not crazy, "new-age" or strange to want to try out tantra. From what it does for your relationship to your satisfaction with your sex life and overall self-confidence and center of gravity, there are boundless benefits of practicing tantra sex. Here, experts name just a few:. It takes very little to remember that the person you love is someone worthy of being honored and respected.

This can be particularly valuable when things are a little rough. Men gain control few have experienced before. It's like becoming a sexual superhero.

The body is wired for all of this, but few of us have experienced it, and once you learn how you will have those skills for life. It allows for incredible full-body orgasms and multiple orgasms , which can leave you feeling really charged up and in the zone. It can also lead to powerful healing and experiences of transcendence.

And when two people both have these skills and practice it together — wow! Lastly and probably most importantly, opening up the dialogue toward tantric practices is essential to making the experience mutually beneficial and life-changing. Having a conversation with your partner should never be about being dissatisfied, but rather, your truly desire to make your sex life everything it can and should!

As with any conversation, approach it with an open heart and a kind tone. So it's good to get into the habit of talking about sex in general. It's also important to be able to express to one another all the ways you are happy with your erotic life together, right now.

Far too often opening a conversation about sexual exploration can come across as criticism or send the message that you're not sexually satisfied. Once your partner is intrigued, consider explaining to them how you hope tantric sex can be a journey for both of you to enjoy and something you work on together to make better, exciting and well, fun.

After practicing the pre-sex recommendations above, you might be ready to begin intercourse and sexual positions tied to tantra. With anything that's new and requires understanding, take your time, have patience and don't be too hard on yourself. Tantra is about acceptance and definitely not about speed, so allow yourself to be vulnerable and open-minded as you approach this new yet, old sexual frontier:. The man can sit either crossed legged or with his legs outstretched, or he can sit at the end of the bed or on a couch.

It also offers her great G-spot stimulation and the opportunity to set the pace. Men tend to last longer in this position, as well. Her partner places their mouth, arms and legs exactly touching the corresponding parts of her body. This position helps to circulate and exchange energy.

The woman is lying on her back with a leg on each of her partner's shoulders. Like with anything that was derived thousands of years ago, the nitty-gritty details over how tantric sex came to be is lengthy, complicated and ripe with fascinating information.

One thing though that's for sure though: If people have been excitedly incorporating it into their lives for this long, it's worth at least a dabble on your part to see if it's worth the hype. Tantric sex most likely had its origins in South Asia during the first few centuries of the Common Era, though its roots are more ancient. Singer adds that within advanced Hindu, Buddhist and other religious practices throughout Asia, the earliest practices of tantric sex might have been a method of generating bodily fluids as an offering to tantric deities.

Let that sink in for a while so you understand. Neotantra is primarily viewed as a collection of sexual practices including sexual intercourse. Remember that part about people who practice tantra but don't actually engage in sexual intercourse?

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